Australia Day – Lamingtons With Chilli Chocolate

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Today is Australia day. The day that the guys from down under celebrate us Brits storming over there in our ships in 1788 by consuming a considerable amount of cake covered in chocolate and coconut and most likely a bag of goon to honour the celebration. If that is enough to send you softly into a food induced coma, then don’t forget to blow up your goon-bag before you topple over so you have a delicious, wine-flavoured pillow to fall asleep on.


I have to be honest and I don’t blame you if you can’t ever forgive my sheer ignorance, but I was totally unaware of these Australian delights, (and I don’t mean the goon-bags). I spent the majority of Saturday evening with my aussie pal and fellow cafe culture blogger at The Baristacrat, Cameron, who kindly introduced me to these puppies.


Cam opened up a whole world of Australian confectionary to me and prompted me to cook some up in time for Australia day. So I did and they are delicious. Imagine a world where a typically british victoria sponge cake goes on an exotic, romantic holiday with a pina-colada and get married, have one too many and end up with a lovechild, a delicious lovechild at that, named Lamington. True story.

In all seriousness, these cakes are quite literally what my friend Justin (also married to an Australian sheila) would call “mint royale“. In other words, the bomb, the business and totez amazeballz. If you haven’t already got these coconut cubes of joy well embedded in your life, make it happen. You’ll never look back.


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