Blueberry Matcha Welsh Cakes

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Saint David’s day is just round the corner. Wait, how could you forget about David? Good job I’ve reminded you eh? Besides, it’s a day where you have an excuse to feast on Welsh cakes, rarebit and oggies; (fried cakes, cheese on toast and pasties). All of which are super delicious. So if you’re new to the Welsh scene, you may want to introduce yourself to a couple of their recipes especially for Saint David’s day; it would be rude not to.

IMG_5105_WT IMG_5111_WT Back at home, my family were fortunate enough to have Welsh neighbours who would happily mock up a fresh batch of Welsh cakes for us every now and then. For a baked treat you don’t normally see in the store or at the bakery around the South-east of England, it was a new culinary adventure. I’d even go as far as saying they’re my favourite type of cake. A mix between a shortbread biscuit and a cake, served with butter and/or jam, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve decided to put my own spin on the original recipe and mix mine up with a little bit of my new BFFL: “Matcha” (and a handful of blueberries). IMG_5129_WT


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