The Naked “Date Night” Burrito

Beef, Black Beans, Brown Rice, Burrito, Date Night, Dinner, Red Chilli, Sirloin Steak, Spring Onions, Steak, Tortilla

Lets be honest, cooking for a date the first time can be daunting, especially if your culinary skills don’t match up to your chat. It’s never going to be easy. Fortunately for you the lovely folk at got in touch and asked me to slap up a meal guaranteed to leave your date wanting more, perhaps in more ways than one. Okay I’ll stop…

Super Smoky Crock-Pot Brisket

BBQ, Beef, Brisket, Crock-Pot, Pulled Beef, Smoked, Smoked Paprika, Summer

Lets be honest. Summer is right round the corner and there isn’t anything that compliments a sunny weekend like an elaborate BBQ. Stock your fridge with a collection of different 24-hour marinated meats, sided with some cold beverages and you’re set for a ‘look-forward-to’ weekend.