Low Carb Avocado on Cauliflower Toast

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Myself and avocado on toast have been pretty good mates for a while now, but it’s time to part ways. The end of March see’s me jetting off to sunny Spain for a week of too many Sangrias and overdosing on paella with the family. Prior to that I’m taking a trip to low-carb-ville so I don’t get mistaken for a whale and get shamefully rolled back into the sea by the amigos on the beach. Behold, avocado on cauliflower toast.

Pancake Day: Vegan Caramelised Pear Pancakes

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Lets be honest, pancakes aren’t a particularly difficult-to-make delicacy are they? Once you’ve mastered the flip, you’re pretty much a Liam Neeson of the kitchen, just with more pancakes and fewer guns. Sometimes, I like to imagine I’m of the same calibre as Mr Neeson by spinning the pan during a flip reciting the words “I will make you… and I will flip you“; maybe I’m just weird. Don’t judge me.

Cranberry & Yoghurt Granola Breakfast Bars

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It’s Sunday again, a day which single handedly justifies spending the duration in your pyjamas… and I’m not judging you for it, it’s totally acceptable. It’s also a day where brunch is most relevant, usually in hope to cure those post-Saturday night hangovers (chemically this never works, but we like to think so…) – Either way, it’s probably about time you switched Netflix off, put the kettle on and made some brunch. (or stay in bed, that’s fine too…)