Country Apple & Pork Pâté

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BACON! – Now that I’ve got your attention, you should probably go and check your refrigerator to make sure you’ve got some of the stuff in there, you’re gonna need it. The cool kids at Joy The Store sent me this absolutely stunning recipe book to showcase for them in the form of a recipe. Behold “Hog”. The globes culinary answer to anything pork.

IMG_5713_WT1 IMG_5749_WT Lets be honest, the majority of us can’t get by without sneaking a pork related product into our shopping basket at the supermarket. Whether it’s sausages for a Sunday morning cooked breakfast or a shoulder joint we can slow cook into pulled pork, it’s a staple we can’t deal without. Personally, I am a huge fan of pâté, it’s my go-to comfort food. I don’t know what your idea of culinary perfection is, but mine comes in the form of warm fresh bread coated in an overly generous helping of pâté; thus derives the reasoning for my recipe choice today.

IMG_5717_WT IMG_5730_WT I have to be honest with you though, I was a pâté making virgin until now, so it was very exciting and all ended a bit too quickly for my liking… The recipe in the book calls for a course plate mincer, which I’m sure most of you don’t have lying around in your kitchen next to your packets of super-noodles. However you can easily stick a mild middle finger up at the recipe temporarily and used minced pork that you can buy at the supermarket; simples. Unfortunately my pantry was all out of apple Brandy that the recipe requires, however I quickly filled that void with chunks of granny smith apple (which I personally think adds a better touch)… The choice is yours!

IMG_5760_WT IMG_5783_WT recipe

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