Cranberry & Yoghurt Granola Breakfast Bars

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It’s Sunday again, a day which single handedly justifies spending the duration in your pyjamas… and I’m not judging you for it, it’s totally acceptable. It’s also a day where brunch is most relevant, usually in hope to cure those post-Saturday night hangovers (chemically this never works, but we like to think so…) – Either way, it’s probably about time you switched Netflix off, put the kettle on and made some brunch. (or stay in bed, that’s fine too…)


I remember the first time I tried granola, it seemed to be a bit of a 2011 trend in London with every coffee shop and breakfast boutique lining their shelves with granola related breakfast delights. Although typically (for london), they came at a pretty heavy price, I still found myself at the checkout every now and then. ANYWAY, more to the point… Making these really is a piece of cake (#nopunintended) and you can experiment with ingredients to your hearts desire. In my case, I chose cranberry and yoghurt; they are a breakfast match-made-in-heaven. Happy baking, friends!

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