Cucumber & Grapefruit Green Iced Tea

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Now and again I seem to accumulate waves of healthy eating will power. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally 100% thankful for that, regardless of its fickle nature. I can only imagine that if I didn’t acquire these capricious surges, I would more than likely verge completely off the rails, crash-diving into obesity; only to be found crying into a mirror with cheesy puff crumbs decorated across my portly chin(s). It’s time to put an end to this.


Since new year’s day, my new best friend has been juice. I spent 3 weeks fasting entirely on the stuff to shake off the shameful amount of camembert I consumed over Christmas at 3am (gross) – Now I am well equipped with my trusty juicer and sweet liquid’y knowledge to serve myself delicious, healthy beverages, whenever I want. – AND YOU CAN TOO! – My breakfasts have now been replaced with juice and guess what? It’s okay.

IMG_4416_WT IMG_4431_WT_CROPPED IMG_4443_WT Think of this as a healthy morning metabolism boost. Grapefruits are packed with antioxidants and electrolytes and I don’t care what the sceptics say, I’m a firm believer of the suggested weight loss benefits they provide. I remember the first time I tried grapefruit, mistaking it for an orange; I pulled a face similar to what I can only compare to when you grab a bottle of water, only to find it’s a decanted bottle of gin #instantregret. So if it’s a little bitter for your liking, just add a dash of honey and you’ll be sending your sweet tooth on a road trip to grapefruit palace, where everyone is super slim and feeling guilt free for not eating that cheese and ham croissant for breakfast.




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