Easy Spinach and Ricotta Tagliatelle with Chorizo

Chorizo, Garlic, Italian, Ricotta, Single Cream, Spinach, Tagliatelle

Are you needing to prep a fancy meal but don’t want to spend hours crafting Gordon Ramsay’s answer to the fourth Michelin star? Look no further, fancy pants, here’s a frugal and easy dish to impress your pals with.


There’s something I love about spinach. Maybe it’s reminiscing on watching Popeye as a child, subconsciously hoping to develop some serious guns overnight. Wishful thinking or not, it’s one of my favourites. Anyhoo; I’ve always liked the spinach and ricotta combo, so when my parents came up to visit me in London yesterday it seemed like a no-brainer to throw these two bad-boys together. Within 30 minutes I had a fancy looking dish to spoil ma and pa with. Try it yourself.

IMG_5082_WT IMG_5092_WT


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