Ginger & Cinnamon Hot Cocoa

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Nothing screams comfort food like Sunday does. Let’s not lie to ourselves, Sunday emits a particularly alluring sentiment towards the element of casually and subconsciously treating yourself to something delicious to stop you from feeling sorry for yourself (while you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians in your pyjamas). Hungover or not; it’s going to happen and what better way to spend a Sunday evening other than sticking a movie on with a choice cup of hot cocoa.


IMG_4071_Edit2 IMG_4071_flopped

You’ll probably notice I’ve mentioned in the ingredients of this recipe to use whole milk. It generally tastes better. Don’t sabotage it with red-top “water with a splash of milk”, treat yourself. Remember, you’re making yourself feel better for potentially¬†drinking too much and attempting to lure your ex back with seductive text messages, only to find out they got delivered to your mum. #awkz

Oh and another thing, I want to endorse a no-microwave policy on this recipe too; don’t cast such a shameful shadow upon yourself. Put it in a saucepan and nurse that delicious hot cocoa masterpiece, it’s your baby for 10 minutes. Develop those flavours slowly and you’ll enjoy it more afterwards. After all, you’ve earned it.



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