Paleo Lemon & Ginger Crabstick Zucchini Rolls (p)

Carrot, Cherry Tomatoes, Courgette, Crab, Crabmeat, Crabsticks, Ginger, Lemon, Zucchini

I’m guessing my first and foremost sentence should be an apology for my blundering neglect I have forced upon you the past week while I was basking in the Spanish sun, consuming Sangria by the pint with a very limited internet connection (sorry). However, I am back, bringing some of the sun with me in todays summer’y paleo-friendly appetizers.

IMG_5650_WT Lets talk paleo. It’s been something I’ve wanted to try for a while. The idea of sending myself back in time to live on a diet often compared to that of a caveman comes across particularly alluring; so I’m going to take the plunge. I have semi-consciously made a deal with myself that I will try it for a month to see if the lifestyle is something  I could stick to and whether it benefits me like all of the fancy information on the web advertises. So naturally, it starts today, and what better way to kick things off than with these paleo delights.

IMG_5663_WT I’ve used zucchini (or courgette as we call it in England) quite a few times before for all sorts of rolls. It’s a versatile vegetable that pushes your usual culinary cooking limits. Whether you’re using it to shred and make zucchini pasta or roasting it hole, it’s a perfect creative number to have stored in your pantry. 




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