Paleo Sweet Potato & Quinoa Eggplant Boats (v)

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Anyone who knows me well knows I’m often test running various diets for weeks at a time. Lately I’ve become more and more interested in the Paleo diet, the ideology behind it inspires me. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t know if I could completely sack off all the horribly delicious foods that we all regret eating almost instantly, but it’s sure worth a shot for a couple of weeks or so.

IMG_5134_INSTA IMG_5155_WT The rise of Quinoa forced its way into my life and is here to stay, even after I embarrassingly endured a few weeks pronouncing it as “Kwi-no-ah”; WHAT IS THIS AMATEUR HOUR?! I had to shake the shame off somehow, so I figured filling an eggplant boat with the stuff along with some other delicious healthy ingredients would help me redeem myself. Do you forgive me? Oh and here’s another question; what is your favourite way to eat “Kwi-no-ah?”



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