Pancake Day: Vegan Caramelised Pear Pancakes

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Lets be honest, pancakes aren’t a particularly difficult-to-make delicacy are they? Once you’ve mastered the flip, you’re pretty much a Liam Neeson of the kitchen, just with more pancakes and fewer guns. Sometimes, I like to imagine I’m of the same calibre as Mr Neeson by spinning the pan during a flip reciting the words “I will make you… and I will flip you“; maybe I’m just weird. Don’t judge me.

IMG_4984_WT IMG_4973_WT Even though I’m far from joining team vegan, the challenge of developing a pancake recipe without the usual fundamental ingredients was naturally appealing. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous how these were going to turn out. I pictured myself struggling painfully to flip a pancake which would spontaneously combust mid-air; without the use of an egg to bind all the ingredients together, anything is possible. Fortunately for myself and the kitchen, no combustion took place and guess what? They tasted great. I successfully made a pancake without hurting any animals, take that karma!



5 thoughts on “Pancake Day: Vegan Caramelised Pear Pancakes

    1. Hi Coxy, sorry for your inconvenience dude, it’s just the way ive posted each recipe since I started in January. How would you prefer it? Cheers.

      1. I was viewing on my phone, so the image was tiny (shrinks it down to the phone width), and I had to zoom manually and scroll around the image to read it. It’s pretty inconvenient.

        If the text was in the article, it’s better because then it can be translated, you can copy and paste values out for conversions of measurements, or highlight ingredients to ‘search’ for online should you want to know more about them.

        Basically; chunks of text in imagery is a bad idea. 🙂

  1. I agree with Coxy. It is very hard to see, especially with the dark background! I hope you can write it with a light background, larger print (for us older folks) and not in one image. Thank you.

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