Quinoa & Smoked Cheddar Broccoli Muffins

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So Sunday the 15th of March turned me 25. Sadly, I spent the day feeling particularly fragile as a result of having a couple too many celebratory Shandy’s the night before. Having a circle of friends who thoroughly enjoy venturing out for a long night of craft beers and dancing to nostalgic classics like you’re Gene Kelly takes its toll when there’s a birthday to celebrate. Either way, it doesn’t stop you from being showered with party food and birthday cake, both of which I inevitably enjoyed.

IMG_5313_WT I’m very much a savoury kinda’ guy. When given the choice, I’d choose cheese and crackers over an ice cream sundae, so I thought I’d go rogue for this recipe and fill a pretty, tulip cupcake case with a quinoa, smoked cheddar and broccoli combo. My love for anything ‘smoked’ is yet to part ways with me, I think we’ll be together until the end. You’ll notice a lot of my recipes feature my beloved friend ‘smoked paprika’; we’re inseparable. So when I decided on my choice of cheese for these savoury, belated birthday delights I couldn’t say no to an alluring chunk of Applewood smoked cheddar. I’ve always enjoyed the taste of broccoli with a bit of melted cheese, although saying that, I really have no idea where I first endulged in that charade, I’ll have to save that story for another time. In the meantime, go and fix yourself up a few of these and gloat around your workplace like it’s your birthday, why not?

IMG_5334_INSTA IMG_5323_WT



One thought on “Quinoa & Smoked Cheddar Broccoli Muffins

  1. Tried these with stilton as not a big fan of smoked cheese – such a good office snack!

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