Spicy Red Pepper & Chorizo Sausage Rolls

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There’s something particularly nostalgic about sausage rolls. Maybe it’s something to do with the mandatory birthday beige-buffet that seemed to set a precedent for children’s parties; if there is a birthday cake, then you’ll more than likely find a few of these guys kickin’ about too.


If you hadn’t already noticed from my previous posts, I like spice; a lot. Given the chance, I will force chilli into a meal/snack/dessert/cup of tea with a psychotic gawk washed across my face… I rate it, 100% – So today I’ve packed these treasures full of heat; chop those chilli’s up and make it rain.


There’s only one thing I like more than sausage… and that’s more sausage. Why marry yourself to a same-sausage ritual when you could be in bed with another. (NOT A EUPHEMISM) – Whatever genre of sausage it may be, it probably needs to go on a date with the original, hence today’s sausage and chorizo combo. SAUSAGECEPTION – A perfect coupling.


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