Super Smoky Crock-Pot Brisket

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Lets be honest. Summer is right round the corner and there isn’t anything that compliments a sunny weekend like an elaborate BBQ. Stock your fridge with a collection of different 24-hour marinated meats, sided with some cold beverages and you’re set for a ‘look-forward-to’ weekend.

IMG_5679_WT It’s no secret, anything slow-cooked somehow forms itself into a culinary magic trick; especially with brisket. Brisket is one of the cheapest cuts of beef you can buy, mainly due to its chewy nature, it’s no fillet, that’s for sure, but when you fill your magic hat with this killer cut of beef, coupled with some mouth-watering ingredients you’ll be sure to pull out something that will wow your guests. Metaphorically, your magic hat is your trusty crock-pot.

IMG_5683_WT Like i’ve said before, my love for “smoked anything” isn’t leaving my side any time soon and you shouldn’t say your goodbyes either. ‘Smoked anything’ isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life.




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