Superbowl Sunday: Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese Burgers

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Hey you, yeah you! Are you watching the superbowl today? Yeah? Cool. How about some pulled pork mac & cheese burgers to go with it? With fried bacon pieces embedded into the bun too? You got it, one superbowl Sunday pulled pork mac & cheese burger foodgasm coming up.

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No one is going to judge you for wanting to over indulge in high-carb treats, washed down with american pale ale on the day of the superbowl. We all like a burger, right? – You can’t hide it, mac and cheese is the pinnacle of easy comfort food. You can go from rocking on the end of your bed with your arms wrapped around your legs to lying down in a cheese fuelled ecstasy within 20 minutes, now that is a fast action plan. But wait, there’s more; PULLED FRICKIN’ PORK. Why? Because PULLED FRICKIN’ PORK. That’s why.


The best pulled pork I’ve ever eaten was in 2011 at a BBQ restaurant in Soho, London called Bodeans. The flavour of the BBQ marinade made my tongue sing. I can’t recommend taking a trip there for lunch more. My mission since has been to mimic the flavour of the sauce; (I think I’m almost there). 

FUN FACT: The average american will consume 2,400 calories during the superbowl game.

So, what will it be this year? Mock this delicious treat up today and show your pals the true meaning of #foodporn

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