The Naked “Date Night” Burrito

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Lets be honest, cooking for a date the first time can be daunting, especially if your culinary skills don’t match up to your chat. It’s never going to be easy. Fortunately for you the lovely folk at got in touch and asked me to slap up a meal guaranteed to leave your date wanting more, perhaps in more ways than one. Okay I’ll stop…

IMG_5893_WT Most fella’s try to woo their lady in the means of a steak, it’s another tried and tested option but it also shows a fair amount of un-originality and if you want your date to be interested in you, then you best conjure up something which doesn’t shout “I’ve done this before with someone else” #awkward. My own personal rules for cooking for a date come in the shape of a ‘no-slurp-policy’; have you ever looked attractive slurping up a mouth-full of spaghetti? No I didn’t think so. Although I welcome your spaghetti slurping selfies quite 

I have to say, regardless of the delicious ingredients used in this recipe, the prize definitely goes to the baked tortilla bowl; nothing boasts  “I’m bloody amazing and definitely worth a second date” more than a bowl you can eat.

IMG_5898_WT Oh and hey, you may be able to handle a mouthful of Carolina Reapers (hottest chilli’s in the world) without breaking a sweat, but chances are, your date may end going red in the face due to unbearable chilli heat pain as opposed to those inevitable date night nerves, so be gentle with the chilli. 

IMG_5922_WT IMG_5931_WT


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