Valentines Day Artisan Steak Sandwich

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As if a pink jar of iced-cream-booze wasn’t enough to crash all of Instagram’s servers on Valentines day, behold the “gourmet steak sandwich”. I have my friend Gus to thank for the inspiration for this one. Him and his girlfriend celebrate valentines day by making steak sandwiches and it occurred to me; they had it right all along.



If there is anything I like more than steak, it’s steak in a sandwich covered in cheese and relish. You just can’t go wrong. Remember, this is a Valentines day sandwich, not a Sunday morning no-food-in-the-cupboard type of sandwich, so aim to impress. For this sandwich I used two thin cut sirloin steaks, left to warm up to room temperature, rubbed in olive oil and smoked sea salt and then seared in a hot pan for no more than one minute on each side. Perfect.



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