Vegan Vanilla Matcha Milkshakes (v)

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Like my dad, I’ve always been a milkshake kinda’guy. It’s always my go-to beverage if I am feeling sorry for myself, although I seem to use that as an excuse more and more to over-indulge on a Sunday, mainly because it’s Sunday (Surely I’m not alone on this…). – Naturally the idea of crafting a health-based milkshake has a pretty solid appeal and after introducing myself to the world of matcha, it opened numerous culinary doors.

IMG_5025_WT I’ve never been a fan of soya milk. The taste isn’t something I’ve ever really acquired, so I’ve never been particularly inventive using milk alternatives. However, team almond milk waved it’s almond’y hand in my face one day at the supermarket and I decided to try it out; it was delicious. For those of you who have not heard of matcha before, it is a ground japanese green tea. If you are into green tea, you’ll need this guy in your life. Though it may not convert me all-the-way to veganism, it’s something I will definitely be making again and again.

IMG_5036_WT IMG_5040_WT


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  1. This looks like a great use for my huge bag of matcha powder especially since I haven’t managed to master making a proper cup of hot matcha.

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