World Nutella Day: Salted Caramel Truffles

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So the cool kids at Joy The Store set me up with a challenge to cook up a recipe from their Nutella recipe book especially for world Nutella day. Naturally; challenge accepted.

IMG_4491_WT2 Wait, what? You’ve forgotten that it was world Nutella day? How could you?! – What more do you need than a day where you can park yourself guilt free on the sofa with a teaspoon, a digestive biscuit and a large tub of Nutella. Yes I said a large tub, oh and actually, make that teaspoon a wooden spoon and that single biscuit a packet. There’s a whole fashion of mouthwatering, diet-breaking recipes hosted in this book that punch the word #foodporn right in your face, leaving a chocolate flavoured black eye for you to nurse. I was particularly fond of the “Nutella Milkshake” and the “Nutella Cigars“; conceptualising myself as a chocolatey Don Draper. #thingsgotweird

IMG_4539_WT The recipe is seamless. The only alteration I made was by adding salt to the caramel;  I have a bit of a thing for salty and sweet type treats at the moment. With only a handful of ingredients, you can go from Nutella-neglection, to Nutella-nirvana in 25 minutes.  So what are you waiting for? It’s world Nutella day! Get yourself into the kitchen, be creative and try it out for yourself by checking out the Nutella Recipe Book, available at Joy.




3 thoughts on “World Nutella Day: Salted Caramel Truffles

  1. Hi
    I gave these lovely truffles a go, there are lovely. Only I was wondering what makes them salted caramel truffles?


    1. Hey Shirene, glad you gave the recipe a try, they’re super more’ish arent they? – When I was making the caramel I added salt to it before adding the hazelnuts, it was just a tiny modification I made 🙂 x

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