Kiwi & Walnut Salad

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I never used to be a fan of salad. More often than not, they’re about as exciting as daytime TV; which usually leads to you letting your cheat day slip. You’ll go from cheat day to cheat week before you can shout “take-out pizza”. Let’s be honest, none of us want that to happen. Don’t just plunk a bowl of leaves in front of you hoping you’ll feel satisfied after, that’s almost the equivalent of ordering an exotic cocktail made entirely of water. It’s just not going to hit the spot the way you like it.

IMG_5235_WT My main intention of this post is to show you kids that salad doesn’t have to be boring. Some of the best salads I’ve had have been ones with ingredients I never thought would work. I once had a snail and pine nut salad, although I’m not quite sure what sort of concept the restaurant were trying to portray; Finding snails in your salad usually filters down to a garden pest-control problem… Either way, I enjoyed it. I always like to take two textures, fruit and nut works perfectly for this. The soft texture and sweet taste of the kiwi rolls perfectly with the walnuts. Don’t be that person who relentlessly chews on an endless supply of leaves, you’re allowed to have fun. I Promise. IMG_5244_WT


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